Monday, May 4, 2009

THE HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES OF FREEDOM THE POLAR BEAR wins Best animation at 2009 Bare Bones Film Festival!

Barry Levy has done it again!

We at MonkeyPaw Media have had the pleasure of working with this creative powerhouse on two short animated projects. "Division Denim" premiered at the 'Zero Film Festival' in 2008 to a warm reception. This inspired Barry to move forward and approach us to assist him with his second short film "The Hollywood Adventures of Freedom The Polar Bear".

Working with Barry has always been a pleasure and this time around our own Choom Lam headed up this short almost completely unassisted, with Barry. Her uniquely beautiful art direction was something that really set this short apart from its predecessor "Division Denim". Scanning in real world items for precise textures instead of hunting them down online, is just one example of how she retained her esthetic on this piece.

So Congratulations Barry, you earned it!