Monday, July 16, 2007

1 Year of MonkeyPaw!

Sooooo, July 1st was the unofficial "official" 1 year anniversary of MonkeyPaw Media. How time flies when you are busy working! To commemorate this special day, we printed up some compulsory uniforms for all the staff. Wouldn't that be the day...Let us know if you want a shirt. Here's to another great year of animation and design! Cheers!


dany boom said...

CONGRADULATIONS ! on you first year. you re a swell group of guys and i wish you much success.

also, yes ! id like a shirt. pretty nifty design, i like it a lot.

all the best,


dina said...

I think next year you print up some company jumpsuits, with color coded staff positions.

btw, this is Tom.....